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About Us

Step Ahead Tech is a nonprofit founded in 2018 by Ashtha Singh and Sarala Pandey with the goal of providing STEM and leadership education for underserved youth. Our current focus is running several programs and activities for underserved communities to teach them about careers in the tech industry and encourage the completion of high school as well as the pursuance of college. Programs include monthly seminars ranging from personal finance to project development through lego builds. Additionally, Step Ahead Tech runs an annual summer camp which provides an immersive experience with daily lessons from highly qualified IT and business professionals. 


The ultimate goal of Step Ahead Tech is to create an organization that can connect underrepresented communities throughout the region with the educational resources they need to develop and encourage their growth. We recognize that all communities have different needs and struggles, and we hope to provide a wide variety of compassionate support in the fight against education inequality and the cycle of poverty.

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