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Career Workshop with ETSS

Over the past few months, Step Ahead Tech partnered with the Ethiopian Tewahedo Social Services (ETSS) to bring a career workshop to their after school program. The program focused on essential skills such as resume building, interviews, and a discussion of career goals.

The students were first taught what a resume is, and why resumes are useful. They then learned what makes a good resume, and what to leave out. We also helped them craft and revise their own resumes.

In our discussion about interviews, students were taught what an interview is and the circumstances in which they take place. They also learned how to respond to an email or call about a chance to interview, how to prepare for an interview, and what to wear, and what interview conversation looks like.

Finally, we talked about the students overall future plan and goals. This included the discussion of career pathway and education that will be needed to achieve these goals.

We thank ETSS for allowing us to collaborate on this wonderful program and look forward to furthering our outreach in the greater Columbus area with these programs!

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