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First Seminar Held Sunday, More to Come

On January 20th, we held a seminar at the Vedic Welfare Center, offered to girls in grades 6 through 9. The program focused on teaching introductory level robotics through various interactive activities.

We started the morning with a game called “Sink or Swim”, in which the girls competed to build the boat which held the most pennies using straws, Saran Wrap, and tape. This game emphasized how structure relates to the function of any technology. After constructing and testing the boats, we also discussed the pros and cons of each model and how different models may have been more successful for other variations of the challenge.

Then, we did an activity in which students were challenged to construct a small robot called a “bristle bot” (similar to a hex bug) that would travel a certain distance the fastest. Using all the given materials, they had ten minutes to build without any instruction, then were able to see a model for reference. The activity provided an introduction to circuits and their importance in robotics.

In the afternoon, we switched from learning about hardware to learning about software. The girls were taught about the programming side of robotics through trying to “program” their friends, where one person would attempt to get their partner, the “robot” to complete a certain task. During this, we discussed various programming expressions such as “If Then” and “If Else” statements, and “While Loops”. We also introduced the girls to various types of sensors commonly used in robotics.

On February the 16th, we will be hosting a similar program at the Vedic Welfare Center for any interested 8th through 12th grade students. Transportation and lunch will be provided, and the academic focus will be announced on February 1st. We are currently accepting sign ups here, or if you can’t make it, follow us on social media @stepaheadtech365 to receive updates about future programs.

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